Navy SEAL Sentenced for Posing with Dead Iraq War Casualty

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The final step comes after the verdict Tuesday was met with an outpouring of emotion as the jury also cleared Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of attempted murder in the shootings of two civilians and all other charges.

The same military jurors who acquitted the decorated navy Seal of murder in the killing of a wounded Isis captive under his care will return to court later on Wednesday to decide whether he should serve any jail time for posing with the 17-year-old militant's corpse.

He faces a maximum sentence of four months when he is sentenced later Tuesday, although he has already served 201 days.

When the chief walked away, Mr Scott said he plugged the youth's air tube as an act of mercy.

At Wednesday's sentencing hearing, Gallagher accepted responsibility for his actions, Walsh reported from the courtroom.

The trial was dogged by allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, with the trial judge finding that Navy prosecutors used tracking software to spy on the defense team's email accounts.

Instead, he will receive a one-step demotion in his rank from chief petty officer to petty officer first class, presumably accompanied by a corresponding reduction in his pay.

Although Gallagher avoided a prison sentence, his demotion will affect both his salary and his pension, after his service hits the 20-year mark.

"It was shocking, but this whole thing has been shocking", Gallagher said. When the incidents that were in question occurred in 2017, he was serving his eighth deployment.

Defense lawyers and military prosecutors had disputed the conditions of Gallagher's pre-trial treatment, and at one point, even President Trump got involved, tweeting out that Gallagher would be moved to "less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court". "You have been through much together".

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President Donald Trump congratulated Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher on his acquittal, saying he was glad to help.

MacNeil, a former roommate of Gallagher, identified the defendant's special knife and described hearing a radio transmission that an airstrike in support of Iraqi forces had wounded an Islamic State fighter.

Meanwhile, Andrea Gallagher said her family has been "terrorized".

The most serious charge in the case centered on a 17-year-old ISIS fighter who had been wounded and died in US custody.

While the court-martial still found Gallagher guilty of taking a photo with the dead child fighter in Mosul, Iraq, he was not convicted of stabbing the detainee to death, which was the most severe charge initially made against him.

Gallagher, 40, a 19-year veteran deployed eight times, did not testify. He was acquitted on those charges as well.

The prosecution said Gallagher was incriminated by his own text messages and photos, including one of him holding the dead militant up by the hair and clutching a knife in his other hand. Naval prosecutors cited his text messages threatening "those traitors" who had become cooperating witnesses.

Gallagher's defense team claimed the allegations were lies coming from a group of disgruntled subordinates who felt their platoon commander was too tough on them.

"The government's evidence in this case is Chief Gallagher's words, Chief Gallagher's pictures, Chief Gallagher's SEALs, " Pietrzyk said.

"Congratulations to Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, his wonderful wife Andrea, and his entire family", Trump wrote in a missive on Twitter on July 3.