Seth Meyers and Rihanna Had a Hilarious Day Drinking Session

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The music superstar joined "Late Night" host Seth Meyers recently for a day of fun and lots of drinking. They started off the show with a bang as they did shots and Rihanna even went on to chug a glass of beer but gave up half way. They were in for a long afternoon.

Seth Meyers may want to keep his day job.

And while she didn't drink almost as much as the "Late Night" host did for this segment, the singer did hold her own against him and even took on some of his most horrific concoctions inspired by her music. Rihanna was, surprisingly, good at the game, which Meyers was not happy about. Yes, the show has brilliantly pivoted into covering politics in a way that's both smart and amusing (reminiscent of Jon Stewart's version of The Daily Show), and yes Meyers is the best late night interviewer in the game right now, but this show is also just wonderful at being flat-out silly from time to time. Then, Seth shows off his prowess as a mixologist by making some Rihanna-themed drinks.

"You should be a pilot", Meyers told her. Seth would agree with us.

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It's official: we want to be Rihanna when we grow up. If she got it right, Meyers would take a shot.

Rihanna also gave Meyers a makeover with some of her Fenty beauty products.

The two finished their booze-filled day attempting to sing Rihanna's hit song, "Work", but it was an epic fail, which isn't a surprise since it's already a tough song to sing sober.

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