ITunes will stay on Windows despite Apple killing off the macOS version

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The event is where the leading tech company traditionally announces all of the upcoming developments in its software.

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As iTunes' replacement, Apple will be launching three new applications - Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. More on iPadOS below.

Apple is introducing a new way to quickly sign into apps and websites.

It matters not whether the tunes were downloaded from its store or ripped from a CD.

Windows iTunes users can still manage their libraries and back their devices up using the Apple app. Mac users, on the other hand, will get to manage their music and podcasts by using the corresponding Mac app in macOS Catalina.

Podcasts that you subscribed or added to iTunes will be in the new Podcasts app, and audiobooks will be in the updated Apple Books app.

Good news (or bad, depending on your love for the venerable app): iTunes for Windows is going nowhere. iPhone and iPod users who still want to sync their devices with a Windows computer can carry on doing it the same way they always have.

The new macOS also makes iOS apps available to 100 million Mac desktop and laptop users. By extension, iCloud Drive will also allow you to share folders now.

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There are hundreds of mobile betting and mobile friendly casinos that are access on a daily basis by iPhone and iPad users from around the world.

All of these developments are so welcome and will transform everyday use of iPad Pro.

Dark Mode. A system-wide dark mode with first-party apps and dock support.

iOS 13 will supposedly make apps launch faster, reduce the amount of space apps use up, and speed up Face ID unlocking. According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is keen to implement a software-based solution similar to the one seen on the iPhone XR to replace the hardware-based 3D Touch, .

The latest Apple Watch update also appeals to users' aesthetic senses.

Apple promises that the new OS will prove to be quite efficient and enable better performances on the different devices.

As spotted by Mac Rumors, the new feature is in Settings and then Battery and under "Battery Health".

CryptoKit will provide developers with a new framework for cryptographic functionality. It will cost at least €5,999 and be available in the autumn.