PS5 Loading Time Demo Reportedly Revealed

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Whatever the case might be, Sony's PlayStation team was "blindsided" by the announcement, according to Bloomberg and its sources.

While we don't know much else about the PlayStation 5, be sure to check out all of our PS5 confirmed and rumored details to know everything there is to know about PlayStation's next generation console. That's a smaller improvement than the one cited by Wired (which reported a change from "15 seconds" to "0.8 seconds, to be exact") but it's still a difference that can add up over the course of hours spent with a game. The same load is carried out on the PS4 Pro and the "Next Generation (under development)" hardware, which is how Sony is now referring to the PS5.

Bloomberg reports that Sony first approached Amazon - who is also reportedly working on a gaming platform - to further its cloud gaming plans.

Reported by Bloomberg, according to sources familiar with the matter, negotiations between Sony and Microsoft began past year and were led by Sony's senior management in Tokyo - mostly without the involvement of Sony's PlayStation branch.

Sony's demo also showed how the upcoming console's SSD can help improve game situations where content is streamed continuously from the hard drive rather than loaded in large chunks.

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Among the first tech giants to suspend business activities with Huawei is Alphabet Inc.'s Google, reports by Reuters . However, the Play store access of existing devices will not be revoked, as Google confirmed earlier today.

Sony's share prices seem to reflect approval from investors, jumping by 9.9% on Friday following the announcement -the most in 18 months.

Sony and Microsoft have signed a partnership to jointly develop cloud and AI services, apparently in an effort to counter Google's recently announced Stadia game-streaming platform. In fact, it promises more AAA games for the PlayStation 4, seeing as it will remain an "engine of engagement and profitability" over the next three years.

Microsoft has now positioned itself as an even bigger player in the global gaming market as it converted its one-time business rival into a business partner.

If streaming takes off in the gaming space - as many have predicted - it would mean that it will have to compete against Microsoft's Xbox while also paying for cloud access.