Boeing 737 plane skids off runway into river in Florida

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It wasn't known how long it would take to remove the plane from the river, but Connor said the landing gear appeared to be resting on the river bed, making it unlikely for the aircraft to float away. Boeing said it also was investigating, but did not provide any other details. "I came outside and could see all the lights and it was just like a steady stream of emergency vehicles going onto the runway".

NTSB investigators said they hope a cockpit voice recorder helps them answer that question, but they have been unable to recover it yet since the part of the plane where it's located is still underwater in the St. Johns River.

Authorities say a 3-month baby was the only passenger hospitalized after a chartered jet ran into a river at a north Florida military base, and the infant was only admitted for observation as a precautionary measure.

CBS affiliate WJAX-TV reported 142 people were on board the plane.

Four patients taken to Memorial Hospital were all treated and released before 4 a.m. Saturday.

The base's fire chief, Mark Bruce, said passengers were lined up on the plane's wings when first-responders started rescuing them.

A Miami Air International flight 293 passenger plane ran off the runway at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

A spokesperson at Naval Air Station Jacksonville told The Washington Post that the flight was a regularly operated trip.

The rotator service typically flies military personnel, family members, contractors and other civilians traveling from the United States to Guantanamo Bay. Everyone onboard was alive and there were no serious injuries.

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Search crews are still working to learn the fate of two pets in the cargo hold of the plane.

According to photos distributed by local WJXT broadcaster, the passengers of the charter aircraft evacuated on its wing after the incident.

Meanwhile containment booms have been placed around the jet to minimise fuel from spilling into the waterway.

Note that the Boeing 737-800 is different from the Boeing 737 MAX 8 which was banned from flying after two fatal crashes. The cause of the incident remains unclear, with the National Transportation Safety Board opening investigations.

Unfortunately, they have not been retrieved yet due to safety issues with the aircraft, ' Naval Air Station Jacksonville said in a statement posted to Facebook. The crash was most likely caused by heavy thunderstorms in the area.

"I think it's a miracle", Capt. Mike Conner, commanding of Naval Air Station Jacksonville, said at a news conference.

The military often uses charters, so it was likely a "normal military deployment flight", CNN military analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling said.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, which sent a marine unit to help in the rescue, said everyone survived the crash and escaped safely.

Images showed the Miami Air International plane lying partially submerged in water after the rough landing, with its nose cone missing.