Apple axes Google access to key developer tool

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Other apps blocked include a transportation app for Google employees called Gbus, and an app for Google's internal cafe. Alex Fajkowski, a Twitter user and iOS app developer, suggested that both Amazon and DoorDash were distributing apps to recruit temporary deliverers.

The world's biggest social network is in hot water over privacy rights yet again, with another controversy involving user data revealed this week. The change is clearly aimed at Onavo Protect and similar apps. Apple restored Facebook's privileges on Thursday.

On Tuesday, uncovered a Facebook Research VPN app that was to its users via Apple's Enterprise Developer Program. Regarding TechCrunch's original story, Facebook said: "Key facts about this market research program are being ignored ..." As a result of being discovered, Google has also pulled the app from the iOS App Store, disabling it entirely. "We designed our Enterprise Developer Program exclusively for the internal distribution of apps within an organization".

The blocks followed a series of reports-first about Facebook, then about Google-that showed the companies abusing the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. This further clears that Apple will soon restore the search giant's enterprise development certificate.

According to sources familiar with the matter, all of Google's internal iOS apps are now disabled.

"Apple's view is that we violated their terms by sideloading this app", Canahuati stated. This app is completely voluntary and always has been. The app tracked the mobile phone usage habits of those partaking in Facebook's program.

What should we take away from this brouhaha?

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In a statement to the New York Times' Mike Isaac, Facebook confirmed that Facebook is now "in the process" of returning its internal apps to working order.

A Google spokesperson told "I can confirm that our internal corporate apps have now been restored".

To look at the two cases together, there are two types of issues Apple needs to deal with.

The divide between iOS and Android has never been more stark. The apps even refused to launch on Facebook's employees' phones.

Many users don't value privacy highly. That's depressing, but in some ways, Facebook and Google paying for data is more honest than all the surreptitious tracking that goes on for the rest of us. It's now punishing Google, too. Apple's policy says the certificate should be used only for internal apps and app testing. The company announced Thursday that that had happened.

Then Google was caught doing almost the same thing with its Screenwise app.