Woman Dies After Becoming Trapped In Toronto Clothing Donation Bin

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"Sometimes she takes off and then comes by in the morning and then someone said someone died in the donation bin and then like ... wait a minute, that was my friend".

The City of Burnaby is asking all not-for- profit companies in the city to remove their clothing donation bins after several fatalities, including one in West Vancouver just over a week ago.

Loretta Sundstrom, whose 45-year-old daughter died in 2015 after getting stuck in a bin, told CBC Radio's World Report last week that she cried at news of the man's death in West Vancouver. Surrey does allow donation bins at fire halls, which are staffed at all times. Inclusion BC said they have already started removing 146 of their bins located across the province.

In a letter to the city's licensing committee, which was reviewing the donation bin bylaw, Tory asked the committee to include safety as part of that review and to speed up the process. All the replacements will be done by the end of 2019, the company said. He also said the bins have created hundreds of jobs across Canada.

Taheri and his taskforce are looking for funding - about $150,000 - before starting their work.

"Shut them all down", she said.

As recently as 2014, a person getting stuck inside a donation bin was so rare - and seemed so benign - that it was cause for jokes.

He acknowledged these engineering solutions don't address the social problem of homelessness.

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"If someone is going to go into your bin and take your product, that's going to have to be how it is for now".

Poverty itself kills far more people than donation bins do, indicating policymakers need to focus their efforts on helping people step out of poverty, she added.

"I didn't think anything of it", said Victoria. "I do think solving homelessness is the solution".

This is not the first time someone has died after attempting to climb into a donation bin.

Diabetes Canada announced the move last week and said Tuesday that about 4,000 bins are being retrofitted or modified across the country, with the changes expected to be completed by January 18.

"The fact that there are many types, it makes it challenging", he said.

But a "humane" solution ultimately starts with simply including everyone, even people living on the streets, in the community, she said.

The box was reportedly a relatively new addition to the neighbourhood.