Huawei Demotes Employees For Not Using Its Phones For Tweeting

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Two employees of the company published new year greetings in social networks using "Apple" gadgets. However, despite the calls for a boycott, it appears Huawei has forgotten to instruct its public relations representatives about it because they were caught using an iPhone.

The incident comes amid escalating diplomatic tensions between China and the U.S., which has seen Washington raise security and espionage concerns over the Chinese tech giant and its chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou arrested in Vancouver on December 1. After the arrest, Nikkei reported that Chinese companies were instructing their staff to boycott the iPhone. That, of course, rubbed Huawei the wrong way, and it has taken action against the employees responsible. See, a platform such as Twitter is markedly popular for brands, and with some Twitter clients, users can see what device is being used to send a Twitter message (the official Twitter app for Android and iOS has since activated the feature too).

The faux pas was first noticed by web video producer Marques Brownlee, whose tweet of a screenshot of the Huawei tweet has been liked 47,000 times and shared almost 7,000 times. Huawei said the blunder "caused damage to the Huawei brand".

This is not the first time Huawei has made this mistake.

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As a result, two employees have been demoted and had their pay cut by more than $700 (5,000 yuan.) A third worker, a Huawei digital marketing director, will have their pay frozen for a whole year.

The error happened because the VPN access on the computer from which the tweet was to be removed did not work at the desired time.

Huawei has now caught up with Apple in the ranking of the largest smartphone manufacturer.

That wasn't even Samsung's biggest issue as of late, with tweeting from an iPhone. They especially don't tolerate any sort of mistakes internally. Brownlee shared an image of Samsung Mobile's Nigeria Twitter account and one of its tweets, which was promoting the Galaxy Note 9.