Instagram Swipe Feed December 2018 Update Outrages Internet

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"We quickly fixed the issue and the feed is back to normal". Instead, Instagram's been considering having people scroll side to side or tap to go through their Instagram feed.

"Did anyone else's Instagram already go back to the scrolling as opposed to that bad update?".

Greeted by a message that Instragram was "Introducing a New Way to Move Through Posts", users found that they could now tap to scroll through their feed horizontally.

Instagram caused an outrage among its users yesterday when it accidentally rolled out a new feature that changed how the newsfeed operates.

While this update could prove to be beneficial for businesses using Instagram marketing to spotlight ads, there are downfalls to match - including less exposure in feeds and decreased engagement (beyond the newest Instagram algorithm update).

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The redesigned Snapchat app has struggled to attract more users since its roll-out past year and newer versions have been criticized for being too confusing. First, users have to uninstall Instagram from their phone by going to "Settings" and then "Apps and notifications". "We apologise for the confusion", reads the tweet. Either way, Instagram fans were very happy to have their normal timeline back - at least for now.

"It's possible that Instagram could still bring tap-to-advance to the main feed in the future", TechCrunch reported.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, tweeted explaining that the drastic change was a mistake - sort of. If you're getting sick of Instagram's awful UI changes and algorithms, there's always PixelFed.

After all one can not forget Snapchat's disastrous user interface change, when it clubbed Stories and Discover content together, much to the anger of users. While it's entirely possible that Instagram is doing a bit of A/B testing to get a feel for how folks would respond, this is the sort of thing I'd keep internal.

The popular social media app's unannounced refresh, which Instagram has since labeled as a bug, took users by surprise Thursday.