Billy Ray Cyrus shares more photos of Miley's wedding

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First reports of the small December 23 ceremony emerged on social media on Christmas Eve.

Aww! This picture melt our hearts, cuddling, love is in the air! "Everyone is very excited for them".

Fans on social media loved Sparks' post, telling the author that he was responsible for yet another beautiful love story.

It was on the set of the film adaptation of one of Sparks' novels, "The Last Song", where Cyrus and Hemsworth's own love story began.

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Miley tagged producer Mark in the post she shared to her Twitter which prompted him to make a special video for the newlyweds that he uploaded on his own Instagram account. In the clip, the 26-year-old can be seen holding the skirt portion of her dress as she dances around, lip syncing to the lyrics while doing moves to match the words. That it has worked with the two some years later, but then again, also pleased by actress Juliette Lewis (45, "Schöne bescherung"). "Congratulations you guys, absolutely bursting with happiness (brb just going to cry and watch the last song)[sic]".

Bless. As always, we'll keep you updated on this one. "This really touched me", commented the wedding pictures. The former "Zoey 101 " Star congratulates the couple twice.

An image she posted on Instagram carried the caption "12.23.18", which is reported to be the date of the wedding.

And also German celebrities seems to be the wedding at the end of the year, not without a trace.