PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi winter map is coming this month

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Other additions to the game include support for Arabic language, cross-server matchmaking and the ability to report suspicious behaviour in the game while spectating after dying. All together it's a 1.6GB update which you have to install, so if you are losing on your storage then you have to delete some files and download it.

With the release of PUBG for PS4, the game also received a new much-awaited map. The map is the fourth in the series of previous 3. Vikendi is 6×6 which is in between Sanhok's 4×4 and Erangel's/Miramar's 8×8.

Vikendi's release will expand upon the number of playable maps when the update is released, but it's not the only notable feature in the update. It seems that the map will still take one more day to roll out in India. The Vikendi Map is 6 x 6km.

If you like the look of Vikendi and fancy a bit of an extra challenge, a Vikendi Battle Pass is live from today as well.

The games new patch notes are not yet available for this latest update, but unofficially, they might have already been revealed. At the point when empowered players get an opportunity to be matched with those of a similar level on different servers.

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Vikendi is only live on PC for now, but the map is coming to consoles in January 2019. Until now, the map was not confirmed for PUBG Mobile.

As scheduled, PUBG Mobile has received the Vikendi snow map for Android and iOS.

The PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update also adds a Firearms Finish upgrade system and Season spending rewards. The update will also bring two brand new items exclusive to the map; the G36C Assault Rifle (which replaces the SCAR on Vikendi) and the Snowmobile to navigate its icy terrain. And it's probably thanks to PUBG Mobile's free-to-play model, as mobile is the only platform where this specific battle royale costs nothing.

PUBG developer PUBG Corp. told the Verge about its game's surprising figures, which also clocks in with around 30 million daily active users, same as Fortnite.