Apple just confirmed 2018 iPad Pros have a bend issue

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There have been a large number of complaints about bent iPad Pros online, and the problem appears to be more pronounced in LTE models.

Apple's brand new iPad Pro arrives with a starting price of £769 for the 11-inch model and £969 for the 12.9-inch model. It is not clear if affected customers can return their bent iPad Pro for a new device or if the bending falls under the AppleCare program which covers accidental damages. Apple never likes to admit fault for anything and has chose to call the defect a "side effect" of the manufacturing process.

Apple has confirmed that some of the latest iPad Pros are shipping with a slight bend to their aluminum body, according toThe Verge. "According to Apples [sic] logic, yes, this would be considered acceptable", one user said on the MacRumors forum.

Apparently, the iPad Pro is easily bent due to the cooling process of the metal and plastic components of the device.

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Now, in an interview with The Verge, Apple has confirmed some of the 2018 iPad Pros were shipped with distinct bends. However, since Apple's confirmation, many would say he isn't totally wrong about the design flaw.

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Of course, the many pro-Apple sites out there aren't getting angry at it (not surprising) and even The Verge says "the fuss is over nothing".

This response from Apple comes after scores of reports with people pointing out the slight bend on their iPads and wondering if it's a manufacturing defect or if they've been misusing their devices. It doesn't seem that it should dissuade anyone from buying an iPad Pro if they expect the device to otherwise meet their needs. That being said, there are some owners of the Wi-Fi model who claim to have the problem too.