Microsoft releases new Office app for Windows 10 to Insiders

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The Windows Sandbox uses the hypervisor to do something similar, but rather than faffing about with Hyper-V, adds a Windows Sandbox app which will spin up a fresh desktop, isolated from the host.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the next major version of Windows 10 will include a virtualisation feature called Windows Sandbox.

Microsoft officially describes Windows Sandbox as a "lightweight desktop environment", and it is less than 100MB in size because it leverages existing Windows 10 system files.

Note that this feature is only coming to Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, so it's mainly aimed at businesses and professional users.

Those are the basics, but be sure to visit Microsoft's blog post about Windows Sandbox if you want to take a deeper dive into the technical details behind the feature and learn how it all works. Worry no more, because Windows Sandbox is inbound.

This is clearly a compromise that Microsoft made between maximum security and the need for a usable Sandbox base image that wouldn't bog down the entire system every time an application is sandboxed.

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It's created to allow you to test executable files (.exe) before they are exposed to the main Windows operating system.

Sandboxing is not new to Windows and many users will know of the program Sandboxie that offers a way to run EXEs in isolation. Qubes OS also allows users to create temporary virtual machines that are completely wiped when they are closed. It makes sense, in an era where "trust, but verify" should be standard operating procedure, that we need a way to safely run applications in isolation from each other quickly and easily.

The Windows scheduler ensures that the sandbox is always subservient to the host system.

SANDBOXES are useful things.

In the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18305, users will be testing out a new Office app for Windows 10 that is a bit more than just an update to the My Office link that's been pre-bundled on devices for the past couple of public updated. And since it's a process, the host OS can decide whether to reclaim memory allocated to the Sandbox and also optimize battery usage on laptops.

If you have any issues related to the execution of and within Windows Sandbox, select Recreate my problem. Foley thinks the feature could reach a finished release of Windows 10 in the first half of 2019.