Government's full Brexit legal advice doesn't look good for Theresa May

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"It's having the answer to that question of substance that is most important, not the timing, so if that question can be answered in the course of the next few days then all well and good".

We've had help answering this question from our friends at the Institute for Government.

However, there was no majority support for any option.

May's fragile position was laid bare on Tuesday with a stunning series of defeats in parliamentary votes. "There is nothing to see here", Cox insisted.

Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer have been determined to hold back from giving Labour support to such a move only after all other possibilities have been explored, including a possible confidence vote in the PM. I can not support any deal that will leave people in Bradford and across the country worse off, and I will not be supporting the Prime Minister's deal.

The Prime Minister was coming under growing pressure to delay the 11 December vote to give herself time to ask for more concessions from the European Union at a Brussels summit at the end of next week. A vote on the deal is scheduled for Tuesday.

Mrs May told BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Thursday: "There will be a choice between, if we get to that point, a choice between going into the backstop and extending the transition period".

"(It) would mean an immediate and probably indefinite loss of some security capability which, despite our best efforts, would likely cause some operational disruption when we leave", he said.

Brexiteers believe it could help them deliver an even bigger Leave vote, letting them campaign on May's central promise to end freedom of movement of European Union migrants. "Do we extend. the implementation period?"

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She said Macron's move "is on the right path but in my opinion it will not fundamentally change the movement". Seven people died and hundreds were severely injured.

A spokesperson for the Conservative's group in the European parliament told Yahoo Finance UK: "An orderly Brexit is in everybody's interests so I would say if it [the vote] does go the way we don't want it to go I imagine we would need, or would encourage, both sides to show a bit of flexibility and resolve any issues that come up". Which is why this week's debate in Parliament over the terms of withdrawal is crucial.

Mr Cox's advice stated that, if Brussels felt that negotiations on a trade deal had broken down or were taking too long, it would be able to apply to the arbitration panel for Britain to be removed from the customs union while Northern Ireland remains - effectively creating the border in the Irish Sea, which Mrs May has said no prime minister could accept.

Yesterday, a British government assessment warned a no-deal Brexit could lead to six months of chaos on key cross-Channel routes, with ferries between Dover and Calais and traffic using the Channel Tunnel facing disruption until the end of September 2019.

Mr Dodds said the United Kingdom was not faced with "a binary choice" between this agreement and no deal, adding: "It is time for the Government to recognise the genuine opposition to this Withdrawal Agreement and seek fundamental change by getting rid of the backstop". She issued a fiery defense of the deal in advance of the votes, warning that "Brexit could be stopped entirely" should the deal be voted down next Tuesday when it is scheduled to be voted on by Parliament.

"It is up to people like me to sell what is on the table".

"Are there things which I am uneasy about?"

One potential measure reportedly being floated as a way to win over would-be rebels is a "parliamentary lock" which would give MPs a vote before the Northern Irish backstop is implemented.

However, sources say changes could be made only to the 26-page political declaration on the future relationship rather than the 585-page withdrawal agreement.