Michelle Obama on book tour encourages girls at London school

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Speaking during a NY event to promote her new book "Becoming", Obama called out Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean in" method.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has shared some words of wisdom with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex about adjusting to life in the spotlight.

Michelle Obama used to have a hard time not only because of protocol issues but also with being accused of talking like she was white when she was a teenager, she told London girls from the secondary school in the British capital that she first visited in 2009.

Obama also apologised for her language, saying she "forgot where I was for a moment" although the upfront language did help the crowd erupt.

"And we can just sort of get this out of the way", she said during a stop Monday in London to promote her best-selling memoir, "Becoming," The Hill reported.

"We all have to find the people who believe in us", she said.

The former First Lady said she was panicking about following the rules of behaviour when the Queen collected her and Barack Obama from their helicopter during their last visit of his presidency.

"I love my husband and we have a great marriage and had a great marriage but a marriage is hard work", she emphasized".

"Marriage still ain't equal, y'all", Obama said, according to Vanity Fair.

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"This is how I picture Auntie Mich in er'yday convo cause she's a real one", wrote another.

Speaking after the event, Winnie, who had been on stage interviewing Mrs Obama, told the Gazette: "I was so nervous beforehand but speaking to her just made us feel so comfortable".

"I nearly felt myself fall back into my own past".

"It is impossible to forget that she, like numerous female friends she quotes, is a wealthy, white, married woman with a 'vast support system, '" wrote critic Connie Schultz for the Washington Post.

"I think it's OK - it's good, even - to do that ... And so then it's time to go to marriage counseling", she added, to delighted laughter from the audience. "Barack and I say, that's why they make 'em cute".

Mrs Obama also recalled being deprived of sleep during her life in the White House with husband Barack Obama.

"Part of what we have to do is expose them to the opportunities". "It's usually men who make it unsafe for us", she said according to Hello Giggles.

"As much as I wish that could happen in four years, I don't think that's a likely time period", said Sandberg.