George Conway Suggests Trump Tweet Obstructed Justice

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"Nice to know that some people still have 'guts!'" Trump wrote on Twitter, highlighting Stone's loyalty to the president. He pointed to a statute in the U.S. Code that defines witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

George Conway, husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, soon suggested that Trump's tweet might be considered witness tampering. Eisen cited that under the statute it is illegal to "cause or induce any person to withhold testimony".

He added: '"I will never testify against Trump".

"We're going to say to the Office of Professional Responsibility and the inspector general that the way these prosecutors on Mueller's team behaved with me, and the deal they gave me, which was fraudulent, I believe demands a criminal investigation", he said.

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President Donald Trump gestures during a meeting in the sidelines of the G20 Leaders' Summit in Buenos Aires, on November 30, 2018.

Trump and his campaign have repeatedly denied talks on a deal after 2015, but Cohen told a court that Trump and members of his family were informed of the discussions that continued through the middle of 2016, just months before the presidential election. Trump has been accused of witness tampering after praising Roger Stone for refusing to testify in a tweet on Monday morning.

A recent Rudy Giuliani tweet contained several typos that made it ripe for a hilarious - although sad yet accurate - statement about President Donald Trump. He said that he had lied when he said that negotiations had stopped before the 2016 Republican primaries, and had done so for political reasons related to Mr Trump's presidential campaign.

Cohen admitted last week to having lied to Congress during testimony when he said that Mr Trump had no business or financial ties to Russian Federation during the Republican primaries in 2016, even though he kept Mr Trump and his family updated on ongoing negotiations for a Trump Tower Moscow project through June 2016. On Monday, the president wrote that Cohen did "TERRIBLE" things and that Mueller and "his out of control band of Angry Democrats, don't want the truth, they only want lies".