Cohen admits that he lied to Congress

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"His assumption was he was going to lose the election but might win deals in Russian Federation afterwards", Stephens said. In fact he was pursuing a major deal that he suggested on Thursday he might have kept pursuing through the year and might have tried to conclude if he hadn't been elected.

During the campaign, while publicly espousing a conciliatory relationship with Putin, Trump was repeatedly dismissive of claims that he had connections to the Kremlin, an issue that flared as especially sensitive in the summer of 2016 after the Democratic National Committee and a cybersecurity company asserted that Moscow was behind a punishing cyberattack on the party's network.

Manafort joined Trump's presidential campaign in March 2016 and became chairman but resigned five months later.

"On at least 23 occasions since the summer of 2016, Mr. Trump has said either that he had "nothing" to do with Russian Federation, or that he has "no deals, ' no investments and no 'business" in Russian Federation", according to the New York Times. During a visit to Russia in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant, he told journalists he was talking with potential Russian partners for a Moscow skyscraper modeled on New York's Trump Tower.

Asked whether there was anything in the answers to questions from Mueller that Trump submitted that contradicts Cohen on the Moscow project, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Reuters in a text message: "Not that I know of".

Michael Cohen has asked a USA judge for no prison time, citing, as he reveals in a new court filing, more details about his conversations with then-candidate Donald Trump about plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen said, while he initially told lawmakers the project ceased in January 2016, it had actually continued into the year Trump was running for president.

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team must submit a report to the court on December 7 outlining how Manafort had breached his deal with federal prosecutors, Judge Amy Berman Jackson of U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said.

Manafort said he has been giving the government useful information.

Given all this, it's fair to say that the thrashing the Republicans took in the midterm elections wasn't the worst thing that has happened to Donald Trump this month.

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What does that mean? .

Mueller's team now wants a federal judge overseeing the case to set a sentencing date for Manafort, at which prosecutors say they will detail "the nature of the defendant's crimes and lies".

She placed a gag order on the case in its early days after Downing spoke to cameras outside the courtroom defending Manafort and President Donald Trump.

It is unclear how long prosecutors will seek to put Manafort in prison, or what the judge will decide, but sentencing experts have said he could spend the rest of his life in prison given his age - unless Trump pardons him. According to a court document, Cohen briefed Trump on the project more than three times, as well as members of his family.

Corsi gave NBC News and the Washington Post a copy of his draft plea agreement, one that delineated alleged falsehoods he had told about his dealings with political consultant Roger Stone and WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange. Many of them were lies.

To top it off, George Papadopoulos, the onetime Trump campaign foreign policy aide, finally reported to prison this week. Although sources could not confirm the topic of conversation between the two, the timing is of course suspicious given WikiLeaks's subsequent dump of Hillary Clinton's emails. That statement could figure in the special counsel's scrutiny of whether the president obstructed justice. And you're saying they seem in agreement about the timing.

Mueller is required to create a confidential report "explaining the prosecution or declination decisions" at the end of the investigation, but it remains to be seen whether that report will be made public. There are indications about potential sealed charges against Assange in the Eastern District of Virginia but no movement on that case, either.

Cohen is portrayed as having the "singular determination and personal conviction" to cooperate with the special counsel, even in the face of a "raw, full-bore attack by the most powerful person in the United States", - a reference to Trump.

He met voluntarily seven times with the special counsel and twice with prosecutors in the Southern District of NY. He has spent many, many hours with him.