Amazon Web Services announces new service to simplify building blockchains

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The new blockchain services are to be developed in conjunction with Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB).

Some of AWS' newly launched services include a blockchain service, Amazon Managed Blockchain. which can manage transactions between organizations without a central party that is responsible for overseeing the activity.

AWS Control Tower gives customers an automated "landing zone" that makes it easy to set up their multi-account environment and continuously govern their AWS workloads with rules for security, operations, and compliance.

While the chip was announced today, AWS CEO Andy Jassy indicated it won't actually be available until next year.

There will be two flavors of AWS Outposts initially available: VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and native AWS Outposts.

SageMaker "Ground Truth" capability produces high-quality labelled training data; SageMaker RL delivers Cloud's first managed service for reinforcement learning algorithms and simulators; and a new ML Marketplace offers more than 150 new models and algorithms to developers via SageMaker.

AWS Outposts will allow enterprise customers that require on-premises infrastructure to run AWS cloud infrastructure in their own data centre.

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Jassy boasted that Amazon Managed Blockchain would allow users to create blockchain networks with just a few clicks.

Shawn Bice, Vice President, Nonrelational Databases at AWS said, "Earlier this year, when we started talking to customers about what they needed from a blockchain solution, we realised that the Amazon QLDB's ledger technology met a lot of their requirements".

The idea with Outposts is that customers can use the same programming interface, same APIs, same console and CLI they use on the AWS cloud for on-premises applications, develop and maintain a single code base and use the same deployment tools in the AWS cloud and on-premises, AWS wrote. Amazon Managed Blockchain takes care of the rest, creating a blockchain network that can span multiple AWS accounts with multiple nodes per member, and configuring software, security, and network settings. "So, we tried to reimagine what customers really wanted when running in hybrid mode, and developed AWS Outposts". "Today we expand our strategic collaboration with AWS to provide our mutual enterprise customers with more choice and options as they extend their hybrid cloud environments to drive agility, simplicity, security, and full infrastructure interoperability". The vehicle is rewarded for staying on the track, avoiding obstacles and more, helping the auto to learn to drive more accurately over time.

Jassy also announced a new AWS Marketplace for machine learning. Amazon Personalize is a real-time personalization and recommendation service.

AWS's new robotics service, which provides a simulation platform that integrates well with SageMaker RL. For starters AWS says Outposts will involve "racks", indicating they won't be fit for businesses with modest server rooms or for many branch offices.

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