IPhones now have ‘OK Google’ support… if you say ‘Hey Siri’ first

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If you wanted the Google Assistant, you'd first need to open the Assistant app, and then say "Hey Google" or type in a command.

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Though this might sound complicated, once you get the hang of Apple's Shortcuts app, setting up this sequence is relatively simple. But now, thanks to a new feature in the latest iOS version, users can create a Siri shortcut that will help them launch Google Assistant using their voice ... from Siri. It's also an incredible platform for media, whether you want music, streaming video or an integrated TV experience. It suggests "Ok Google", but you can use whatever here. It will then open the app, and the Google Assistant will be listening for a command.

Google's hack is a brilliant as it is ponderous: Those who wish to use the best digital personal assistant on their iPhones had been forced to manually run the Google Assistant app because Apple locks down the default assistant app on its platforms.

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Google is making use of Siri Shortcuts to bring an nearly handsfree and native Assistant experience to iPhone, something which it has been offering on Android devices for years now. Now, if you are driving down the parkway, you can just say "Hey Siri, Okay Google" and ask it what you want to know.

Google apps have always taken a backseat behind Apples own offerings for Maps, Music, and even with Siri. When you open the app, you should be prompted to add "OK Google" to Siri. If you've already closed that bad boy and realize you hate saying "OK Google", you can still change it after the fact.

Certainly, it's not quite as elegant as just talking to Google's AI directly.