Can Starter Pikachu or Eevee Evolve in Pokemon Let's Go?

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In this guide, we go through what is the Go Park complex, how to connect pokemon from Let's Go to Pokemon Go and vice versa. The two main titles that will assist the Nintendo Switch sales considerably are; Pokemon: Let's Go and Super Smash Bros.

The Japanese Let's GO website has revealed details on how to connect Pokemon Let's GO and Pokemon GO.

At the start of the year Nintendo expected to sell 20 million Switch units over the course of 2018 and into the first quarter of 2019, ending on March 31st. The only clue the game will give you is one random NPC comment that mentions "messing" with your Partner Pokemon's hair. The man at the desk will instruct you further - simply follow the instructions on both screens to sync up the machines and then transfer Pokemon.

As for Charmander, you need to have captured at least 50 Pokemon. Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles.

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He said: "Right now you can send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee - and they don't go straight into your collection or your party, they enter into an area that's kind of like a Safari park type thing where you can see the Pokemon moving around in there, and you can actually go there and interact with them and catch them". In fact, doing this is quickest way to unlock the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan, but even if you don't own either of the Switch games, you'll have a way to get the new Hex Nut Pokemon in Go.

In addition to the new Special Research, Niantic is rolling out a few more special events to commemorate the launch of Pokemon: Let's Go. It's the finest deal on the Nintendo Switch we've spotted recently.

Once you have confirmed you are sure, you will get a message to confirm the transfer. Players can also obtain Pikachu and Eevee hats for their player avatar via the in-game store.