The DUP are not happy with Theresa May over border plan

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Theresa May's Brexit in stormy waters as DUP accuse PM of breaking promise on "Irish Sea border" Theresa May has been accused by the DUP of reneging on her promise to not sign up to a Brexit deal that treated N. Ireland differently to the rest of the United Kingdom, warning the PM she couldn't rely on its support to get the plans agreed.

Wright was speaking after the DUP, the Northern Irish party which props up Prime Minister Theresa May's government, said that her negotiations had raised alarm bells, and it would not support a Brexit deal that divided the United Kingdom.

A Brexit deal on the Northern Irish border could be signed within the "next couple of weeks", the Irish prime minister has said.

Any more resignations could cost the government valuable votes when any deal comes before parliament.

But the DUP has interpreted the wording of her letter to mean that the measure will be contained in the Brexit divorce deal despite Mrs May's insistence it will never come into effect.

Varadkar said that while the DUP was important, there were other voices in Northern Ireland.

The DUP leader replied: "It's not a question of trusting the Prime Minister, it is a question of what her proposals are for exiting the European Union".

Without DUP support for a deal, May will have much less chance of getting her deal through parliament.

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The EU's proposed fall-back position to avoid a hard border - the so-called backstop - would effectively keep Northern Ireland aligned with Brussels's customs union and single market.

A Downing Street spokesman said the prime minister would not agree to "anything that brings about a hard border on the island of Ireland".

"I don't think it leaves it on shaky ground because of course the confidence and supply agreement was entered into at a time of great national instability, we wanted to see stability in the Government at that time and we also wanted to deliver on a Brexit vote that had been taken".

Several other cabinet ministers have also resigned in recent months in opposition to May's Brexit plans.

"There is no clean break here, Brexit is going to go on for a very long time".

"And we'll do our best to work through it and make sure we get the best outcome for our citizens".

The leak of the letter is seen by some observers, as well as the DUP, as part of a laying of the ground by May for a showdown with the party over checks in British ports or factories in Northern Ireland or Britain.

But the EU has reportedly dismissed this plan, dubbed the "Cox compromise", insisting any arbitration must come from the European Court of Justice.