Florida Governor's Race Poised for Mandatory Recount

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It was unclear to whom Trump was referring, but Republican Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for Senate, has called the female election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties "unethical liberals". Scott is now ahead by about 17,000 votes, a margin of 0.22 points.

It is nearly certain that a manual recount is in store: the threshold is 0.25 points.

In Arizona, another tight senate race has yet to conclude - and the state's Republican party is now suing over how some counties handle mail-in ballots, U.S. media report.

Rick Scott, who has a dwindling lead over Democratic Sen.

"Concerned citizen sees ballots being transported in private vehicles & transferred to rented truck on Election night", Canova wrote in his tweet that contained the video. In 2016, there were 24,460 provisional ballots submitted, with 10,998 ballots ultimately being counted, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

Scott's campaign has said Nelson should concede the race rather than push for a recount.

Snipes was confronted by local media about why the vote count in Broward County has taken so long.

"I firmly believe that at the end of this process Senator Nelson is going to prevail", he said, Talking Points Memo reported. The latest vote totals showed that roughly 25,000 Broward County voters who cast a ballot for governor skipped the U.S. Senate race.

The Nelson campaign has hired Elias, a prominent Democratic attorney, for the recount fight.

Fox News host Bret Baier compared the Florida recounts to the 2000 presidential recount in the state.

"We would run the ballots through the machine again", she said.

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Florida's governor's race on Thursday joined contests for U.S. Senate and state agricultural commissioner headed toward recounts as continued vote-counting in Democratic strongholds threatened apparent Republican winners.

Due to a combination of racism, Andrew Gillum's alleged involvement in an FBI investigation, the obvious suppression of 1.4 million formerly incarcerated people's votes, and a few other factors, Florida's major statewide races this year were remarkably close.

"Every day since the election, the leftwing activists in Broward County have been coming up with more and more ballots out of nowhere", Scott said in his statement".

Democrat Andrew Gillum narrowed his gap with Republican Ron DeSantis in the governor's race to 38,515 votes, or 0.47 points. This means officials will have to go through ballots that were entered as 'errors'.

In Broward County, Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips set a 7 p.m. Friday deadline for Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes to turn over the voter information under Florida's open records laws.

If, after the machine recount, a 0.25 percent margin remains separating the candidates in their respective races, then a manual recount would be ordered with a November 18 deadline to ensure all overseas ballots are in and available to be counted. Scott's campaign urged Nelson to concede.

His campaign says it's preparing for a recount and will have observers in every one of the state's 67 counties to monitor the process. Most counties also still had not fully tabulated their provisional ballots - in which a vote is cast, but subject to further review of a voter's eligibility.

While the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said there had been no allegations of fraud, Scott asked - but did not order - the agency to investigate the counties' elections departments. "Nelson will prevail in a recount", he said.

Generally, most provisional ballots are accepted, said Dan Smith, a political scientist at the University of Florida.

He added: "We're doing this not just because it's automatic, but we're doing it to win".