Amazon to split HQ2 between two cities; Dallas among finalists

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Tampa Bay was among the myriad of communities across the country that vied for attention from Amazon early in what's known as its HQ2 search.

Jay Brodsky, who lives in Arlington, Virginia, said about a week ago that his wife took part in a 45-minute phone survey about her opinion if Amazon moved to the area.

Amazon declined to comment when asked about the status of HQ2 negotiations, why it is reportedly splitting it to two locations and the criticism over the potential picks. He envisions a similar effect on Austin's real estate market.

The question of where Amazon will build its second major campus has company officials slamming leaks to news media. Opponents have also derided the competition for Amazon's new headquarters as corporate welfare for one of the world's richest companies. And some tech workers are unlikely to want to live in a sanitized neighborhood with no history or restaurants and stores that have opened organically rather than by design, though Sperling argues that the lack of a commute and a lower cost of living could tempt employees. In Washington, D.C., a group called the Fair Budget Coalition launched Obviously Not DC, a campaign that echoed the District's pitch to Amazon, Obviously DC.

Then an Amazon executive who apparently isn't involved in the selection process blasted the Post report via Twitter.

Those lucky cities will apparently be NY and Arlington, Virginia, according to The Times. He also was "puzzled by the idea of picking one location and growing it to 50,000 people".

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And losing HQ2 isn't a awful thing for Boston - for many reasons. He said winning over Amazon would give an economic boost to the entire state, and joked that he was willing to change his name to "Amazon Cuomo" to lure the company. "If HQ2 were here, the war for talent goes code red, and I'm not sure that's a great thing for Boston". So you can cut that at least in half.

Amazon's HQ2 gained attention as one of the biggest corporate projects in the USA, with the e-retailer planning to hire 50,000 workers and spend $5 billion.

All those developments - plus losing HQ2 - makes Boston a "double victor", in Wilcox's view.

Selecting those areas would bring more jobs to places that already have plenty.

He added he is "confident that the company has developed a much deeper appreciation on what South Florida has to offer as a business location".