Spotify begins testing Apple Watch app

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"While clearly there are risks to the Spotify story (mainly around Apple and to a lesser extent Google in streaming) the reality is that we are still in the early days of streaming", Wlodarczak added.

As it is with all things Google, you might notice a little bit of oddity when it comes to services.

Google Home speakers can also be personalized to individually recognize the voice of up to six household members, which can be used to access individual Spotify family plan profiles. For the person who pays the bill, it's a single payment of $14.99/month, which is only $5/month more expensive than your standard Spotify Premium account. How about YouTube Music? It's Google Assistant wherever you want it.

If Google gave out free stuff to people that already subscribed to their services, they'd simply have a whole bunch of Google users stacking up boxes of Google stuff.

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What is Spotify Premium for Family?

We've asked Spotify if it can detail its plans for the app and will let you know if there's more to share. You just need to be the master account holder and then point your browser to this page on Spotify's website tomorrow, and the free smart speaker will be yours.

Before this beta, Apple Watch users came close to getting Spotify access through a third-party app called Snowy, created when developer Andrew Chang got exhausted of waiting for Spotify to release their own official app.