Apple unveils new MacBook Air with Retina Display and Touch ID

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Announced earlier this morning at Apple's October event - the new air is looking more lovely than ever, and has a lot going on under the hood too. We'll update you as it as progresses.

After today's event, the future of the standard MacBook looks shakier than that of the Air. Apple also launched new iPads on Tuesday, showing the company continues to spread its bets with gadgets beyond the key iPhone line. New Macbook air is with retina display. Apple has also eliminated all the aluminum bezels, which means that the display glass goes from edge to edge.

So here's the New MacBook Air, a completely redesigned, reengineered, and carefully refined upgrade over the predecessor. The border is 50% more narrow. That change also affects the aluminium body, with each new MacBook Air being made from 100 per cent recycled metal. Since then, Apple has continued to sell the MacBook Air with outdated components. I doubt anybody will complain about the significantly larger Force Touch trackpad, which feels like it's physically moving while in fact doing nothing of the sort. It has Apple's T2 security chip for enhanced security.

Unfortunately, Apple has only included two USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 3) in this product.

The new MacBook Air uses aluminum alloy for its case.

The new MacBook Air comes in Gold, Space Grey and Silver colour options.

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Who is the target audience for the MacBook Air?

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The new Macbook series runs on macOS Mojave.

The new MacBook Air represents the first significant overhaul that the MacBook Air has received since it was first introduced as "the world's thinnest notebook" in 2008. Touch ID is now present up top - a great addition - though Apple opted not to include the Touch Bar. The old 13-inch MacBook Air remains on sale as well, holding down the Mac notebook starting price at $999. The entry-level model will come with a 1.6GHz Core i5 chip, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Apple claims the laptop has 17 percent less volume than its predecessor and weighs 2.75 pounds. It has a 13.3-inch display.

What is the battery size of the MacBook Air? The company says the device will get 12 hours of battery life through Web browsing. While we are handing a lot of devices down as parents, there may be an extra desktop computer or older gen tablet that you're ready to trade in. It starts at $1,849.

What are the major competitors to the MacBook Air?

That'll put a smile on the faces of Air fans.