FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation Into Tesla

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Agents are investigating whether Tesla misled investors by misstating or exaggerating its Model 3 production capabilities and is reviewing numbers dating back to early 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing unnamed sources. The agency has the ability to press criminal charges. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is suspected of providing investors with inaccurate information about the schedule of production of the new model electric auto Model 3. According to the WSJ, several former Tesla employees have already been issued with subpoenas and requests to testify. The ex-workers got subpoenas prior in the probe, and Federal Bureau of Investigation specialists as of late have looked to meet various them, the sources reported.

In this 2017 Tesla chart, the company said it would build 5,000 Model 3s by end of 2017.

Brandy Vandyke was born and raised in the busy city of Annapolis. The FBI also reportedly sent out subpoenas to ex-employees and sought interviews with them in order to better determine whether Musk's statements were made with the knowledge that there was no way they could be true.

Last month, Tesla settled a civil lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission over tweets by founder Elon Musk that funding was in place to take the company private.

Tesla gave a statement on the FBI investigation to Fox's Charlie Gasparino, who posted it on Facebook.

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Musk's tweets in August related to potentially taking Tesla private got him and the company in trouble with the SEC.

" The Model 3 is attracting customers of both premium and non-premium brands, making it a truly mainstream product".

Such statements were fraudulent, according to the lawsuit, given that the automated assembly lines to build the auto in such volume were behind schedule. This week, Tesla reported a rare profitable third quarter and showed evidence that its Model 3 ramp, while not quite yet reliably at 5K cars per week, has improved dramatically from where the company was this time previous year. Model 3 was the best-selling auto in the U.S. by revenues and the fifth best-selling by volume, making it the best quarter ever for Tesla. Tesla agreed to pay $20 million as part of that settlement, and Musk said he would step down as chairman of the board; he can stay on as CEO.

Shares of Tesla rose 4.5 to $329, extending their rally following bullish results on Wednesday.