Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Finally Make It Work

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The release of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 would mark the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy flagship smartphones and naturally, we are hoping that the Korean behemoth will pack in something special inside the phone to commemorate a decade. Samsung has reportedly embedded a fingerprint sensor under the display of Galaxy S10 and has overcome the challenge of mass-producing such a device. Three versions of the flagship model will be launched, including an affordable version to reach a wider audience.

And Samsung fans are slowly running out of reasons not to pick up a Galaxy S9 thanks to huge price cuts. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will have curved edge displays with nearly no bezel on top or bottom, triple cameras on their backsides, with front cameras being embedded underneath the front glass.

Today's report didn't go into detail about the screen size of the last two versions, but respected mobile industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in July that he believes the S10 will come in 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.3-inch editions.

There are also doubts about how quickly Samsung can get this phone to market and whether it'll even be ready to show at the Samsung Developer Conference in November - despite Samsung's DJ Koh saying otherwise.

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The sources also noted that Samsung has finally succeeded in embedding a fingerprint sensor under the Galaxy S10's display, which will be released in three versions, including a cheaper variant to appeal to the masses. More surprisingly, the company is also "toying" with dropping the headphone jack on the device. The S10 will likely be the only high-end smartphone with it to come out in the first half of 2019. "Please stay tuned", Samsung told Bloomberg in a statement.

Samsung has tested the phone's folding mechanism more than 200,000 times, meaning it has passed the threshold for durability, according to Bloomberg.

Now, time for the "Plus" edition, the draw for many people may actually be the low-priced device, but they have to sacrifice a curved display and possibly the In-display fingerprint sensor as it will depend on the manufacturing costs. The phone also has a four-inch screen on the outside that's viewable when folded "allowing users to enjoy basic features-like checking emails and messages-without having to flip it open". The prototype design could be similar to Motorola Razr phone with the screen opening with a snap. As per the report, the display is coated with a film that is basically used in photography. When a product is mass-produced, technical problems that weren't found in prototypes may arise. The screen is breakable and allegedly shatters like dried paper, not great news for clumsy folks. "Samsung may not be able to launch it commercially until the second quarter, another person said".