Google Maps is making it easier to find electric vehicle charging stations

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The ability to search for EV charging stations will be added to the desktop version of Google Map in coming weeks, says the tech giant. Now, Google's done something about it.

The feature is rolling out now, so do a search for "ev charging" or "EV charging stations" in Maps and see what options are around your area. Besides the address, each listing also includes the types and numbers of of ports available at each station, and their charging speeds.

Users will be able to supply their own information, too.

"You'll also see information about the station from drivers, including photos, ratings, reviews and questions".

Explaining the update, Google said: "We built Google Maps to help people get where they need to go no matter what mode of transportation they use". When you fire up Google Maps today, you'll be able to search for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations!

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The new functionality will show Tesla and Chargepoint stations around the world; SemaConnect, EVgo, and Blink chargers in the US; Chargemaster and Pod Point stations in the United Kingdom; and Chargefox in Australia and New Zealand.

The new search feature is available for Android and iOS users beginning today.

Drivers in the U.S. will get access to details about SemaConnect, EVgo and Blink stations while Australia and New Zealand EV drivers will see information on Chargefox stations.

In the UK, Chargemaster and Pod Point EV charging installations will also be listed, and in the US users can expect to also find SemaConnect, EVgo and Blink EV stations in their search lists.

The latest addition to Google Maps list of features benefits those who have opted to lessen their carbon footprint.