'The Fed has gone crazy': Trump points finger for Wall Street tumble

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Mnuchin says that the fundamentals of the US economy remain very strong and he views the sharp drop in stock prices as a natural correction with markets often going too far in both directions.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Thursday said Trump's opinions had no weight on the Fed's actions. The Fed is going wild.

The benchmark Nikkei 225 dropped almost two percent at the open and extended losses to below the three-percent mark, as traders fretted about surging interest rates and an ongoing trade spat. "Today they went down to those testing areas and failed", Cashin said. "They're so tight. I think Fed has gone insane", he said. Since the close of Wednesday's trading session on Wall Street he has called the Fed "crazy", "loco", "ridiculous", and "too cute", while saying its rate increases are "too aggressive", and "a big mistake". "Interest rates are still accommodative but we are gradually moving to a place where they will be neutral", he said, adding that the USA economy was a "long way from neutral (interest rates) at this point, probably".

Trump indicated he had not spoken with Powell. And where is the Federal Reserve mentioned in the Constitution? Sadly, the raising of interest rates on working families will evaporate the disposable income of the average American taxpayer.

Trump previously criticized the Fed for allowing too much money into the economy in several tweets from 2011, before he became the president. He also expects the Fed to overshoot its 2% inflation target by "a bit" but added, "I don't see any signs of greater inflationary pressures on the horizon". The president is not dictating policy to the Fed. "He didn't say anything remotely like that".

Trump has been publicly criticising the Fed - led by chairman Powell, whom he appointed - since July for interest-rate increases and declared he was "not happy" in September after the third rate hike of the year.

"And we just try to do the right thing for the medium and longer term for the country", said Mr Powell.

There are multiple ways that the Federal Reserve can manipulate the economy through interest rates. But until this summer, he had lodged no criticism of the Fed's rate hikes. The discount rate is the rate of interest charged to a lending institution that borrows money from the Fed.

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But as the economy began to post solid and consistent growth following the global financial crisis of 2008, and prices began to creep higher, the central bank was anxious to return to a more normal policy. Unemployment in September fell to its lowest rate in almost half a century.

Trump can create ways to lower interest rates on those who need to buy an automobile for work, so they can go to a job and produce income for the government to tax. Obviously, higher yields make Treasuries more attractive, but if higher yields increase demand, that will serve to cap yields.

For bond funds, higher rates should mean more income in the long run, even though they're knocking down prices at the moment.

Rates a big part of selloff. So, what it does, affects other large economies like Japan or Europe. It is true that President Trump is no ordinary President however it is never a good look to accuse your independent central bank of being insane. For now, most economists foresee no downturn in the near future. "Now at some point" inflation will come back, he said.

Yet, no one can overturn the policy of the Federal Reserve - not the president and not the Congress.

But if the recent rise in rates turns more gradual, markets could be better able to digest it.

The resurgent economy suggests that it's time to pump, not slam, the brakes on the economy or risk the kind of inflationary spiral that America experienced in the 1970s.