Bodies of 11 infants found in ceiling of shuttered Detroit funeral home

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The property's current owner, Naveed Syed, says he called police after making the shocking discovery.

State inspectors had walked into the east Detroit establishment one day in April and found two bodies grown over with mold, the Detroit Free Press reported.

An anonymously written letter led MI inspectors to find badly decomposed remains of 11 infants hidden in a ceiling compartment of a shuttered Detroit funeral home, police say.

Are there possible charges former funeral home owners could face? Authorities do not know how long the remains had been stored there, he said. We then immediately contacted local authorities, ' they said in a statement.

The horrifying discovery came at 5:30 today.

U.S. inspectors made the grim discovery of 11 corpses on Friday at the Cantrell Funeral Home on Michigan's east side, according to the state's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs spokesman Jason Moon.

"Obviously, it was either an employee or someone who had knowledge" of the business and the building who hid the bodies, for unknown reasons, he added.

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"Some of the bodies had a tag on referring back to 2009, some had receipts on them as if the person or family didn't finish paying", Demps said. "I was trying to go handling things at hand", Cantrell said.

"Those who have asked me to hold their loved ones will know I was doing them a favor to accommodate them". The fact it occurred.

"Our father, Raymond E. Cantrell, founder of Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit, has provided excellent service for over 50 years".

"We do have names for some of the remains and we're going to try to contact the families".

Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs shut down the funeral home for multiple violations, including the improper storage of embalmed bodies, some of which were badly decomposed and covered in mould.

'That suspension order remains in effect as does our investigation.

Some of the deceased have been identified, and an investigation is underway, the detective added.