Feedback for Susan Collins: From ‘masterful job’ to ‘your hypocrisy is showing’

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Collins told Bash that while she found Ford's testimony "heart-wrenching", the fact that both Ford and Kavanaugh said they were "100 percent certain" of their statements meant that she had to look to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional corroborating evidence. After November's midterm elections, however, she said she'd "be seriously considering how I can elevate the voices of people who deserve and demand to be heard and represented in DC". Susan Collins, R-Maine, lamented these fractured times in which differing groups don't just have different opinions, but people bear "extreme ill will toward those who disagree with them". "I'm not certain when", Collins added in a separate interview on CNN's "State of the Union". Lisa Murkowski - a Republican from Palin's home state of Alaska - for crossing party lines and announcing that she will be voting "no" when it comes to Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"Something happened to Dr. Ford". Sexual harassment, yes we knew that.

Collins has called the crowdfunding campaign "bribery". He was officially confirmed to the Court by the full Senate on Saturday after weeks of controversy spurred by sexual assault allegations against the judge. "That's what I did in this case", she said. "He is coming forth and answering an allegation that includes that he was involved in gang-raping and doping girls". "First of all, there are only two of us on the Judiciary Committee that are old and I'm one of them".

Despite the fact that Mainers protested at and called her offices for several months and signed letters demanding that she vote against Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, Sen.

Steve Nason, 44, said he had always questioned Ms. Collins' claims to be a moderate but that her speech impressed him with its thoroughness and thoughtfulness. "And they work real hard, too", the Republican Iowa senator told the Des Moines Register, part of the USA TODAY Network.

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"In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob", Trump said at a rally in Kansas on Saturday. We were thinking, since she was going to be in town having meetings but I think we're beyond that. "And that was from the heart, that was from the heart".

Dickerson also asked Collins if she was anxious about women's fears they wouldn't be believed if they did report.

She correctly labeled the process that has become corrupt, nasty and divisive: "We have come to the conclusion of a confirmation process that has become so dysfunctional it looks more like a caricature of a gutter-level political campaign than a solemn occasion".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who turned into a pro-Kavanaugh attack dog for the GOP during the hearings and after, said he will set aside a longstanding commitment to not campaign against sitting Democratic senators. She then seemed to walk it back, saying she was "not making any announcements".