"Venom" Defies Bad Reviews And Breaks October Box Office Record Anyway

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Box office stats courtesy of Box Office Mojo. This would easily give Venom the biggest October opening, beating former record holder Gravity, which debuted to $55.7 million in 2014. It holds a 32% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Branding itself as a departure from superhero movies through its focus on anti-hero Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), Venom has also nabbed a solid B+ Cinemascore. This movie ended up being quite enjoyable, and while it was not on par with say the latest Marvel films, it was a great start for what Sony has planned. Venom marks the first attempt by Sony to build a comic-book universe of their own by using supporting characters of the Spiderverse whose rights Sony owns.

Along with a really strong domestic showing, "Venom" made even more money from the foreign box office - pulling in a better than expected $125 million.

Ruby Rose suits up as The CW's Batwoman in first look image
On Tuesday, Amell took to Twitter to say that the crossover will begin with a not-so-nutritious breakfast for the Green Arrow . The character then went on to acclaimed runs in Detective Comics and her own self-titled series which was published by DC.

On that note, read on for more fun Venom easter eggs you might've missed, and if there's any we didn't catch, be sure to leave them in the comments section below. While Venom's core audience was a younger and predominantly male audience, A Star is Born was aimed more towards an older female base. Desperate to create a movie universe on par with the likes of the MCU or even the DCEU, Sony chose to launch a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man. "You sort of get up knowing you're going to be digging a while before you find anything", Cooper said.

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