Kanye West to Visit Trump at White House

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West, a Chicago native, reportedly also wants to address job opportunities for former convicts. Sanders said on Tuesday they'll talk about manufacturing, prison reform, preventing gang violence and reducing violence in Chicago, where West grew up.

Kanye's choice of issues is apt. She has since encouraged other politicians to focus on criminal justice reform.

And his West Wing trip comes after wife Kim Kardashian West met Mr Trump there in May.

Unlike most of his Hollywood and music-biz peers, Kanye has been vocal and near-constant about his support for the 45th president. "And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn't say it out loud or my career would be over", West said during a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

West's high-energy political pondering captured the public imagination, and fuelled speculation that the rapper might be considering public office. We've been extremely happy with our relationship with Kanye West. With Haley's successor still unnamed, Twitter is alight with speculation that a certain Yeezy could fill her shoes.

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It's official: The Kanye-Trump Summit is on for Thursday.

West has since apologized for his comments indicating that slavery was a choice.

As several people documented, the controversial rapper wore a Make America Great Again hat and gave a pro-Trump speech after asking the SNL cast to join him on stage.

"There could be a theory you know when he met with Trump at Trump towers in the very beginning of Trump being Trump, they could of had an agreement", Williams said recently on her TV show. "Does anybody know about that? I can't say we would have done it but I think it's important to have a point of view and we have a point of view on many things our competitors have and I think it's a good point of view".

On Monday, the singer-songwriter Taylor Swift endorsed two Democrats for the USA mid-term elections, prompting Mr Trump to tell reporters that he likes "Taylor's music about 25% less now". We build factories here in America to create jobs.