Check Out What’s In Store for Doctor Who in Season 11

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If this premiere showed us anything, it is that Chibnall and Whittaker's Doctor Who is going to be episode after episode where we are all emotionally reminded that we are important-and that someone out there wants to be with us. Grace is an unbelievable character, one who feels very at home in the optimistic and sometime idealistic world of Doctor Who, and Clarke plays her to perfection.

When Yasmin refers to her as "madam", the Doctor asks: "Why are you calling me madam?" No, I think to celebrate it is wonderful and that's the time but it'll be fantastic when there's thirteen female Doctors as well, in this long ongoing line that will carry on and evolve and change. So I felt as if I was continually trying to discover things and I suppose settle in. So much so, that fans are questioning why she had to die... why she's not one of the season 11 companions... and why the ok-but-much-less-interesting Graham gets to go along for the ride.

In crafting a self-contained ensemble drama, there is evidence that Chibnall's team will avoid the overly-intricate plotting of the outgoing Steven Moffat-led era. Naturally, she also comes with her distinctive sonic screwdriver, because ... well, why wouldn't she.

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The Doctor is a rare figure in popular culture, being a person devoted to solving problems with little more than curiosity and an enormous scientific knowledge.

Well, you'd better get used to it, lads, because Ms Whittaker is here now and she's absolutely wonderful.

"Essentially, every new Doctor is like getting a stepdad". Here, at the very beginnings of her tenure in the role, it's thrilling to see her wide-eyed, expressive interpretation of the Time Lord take shape - it'll be fascinating to see how she makes her mark in the part over the next few years, and hopefully beyond. But perhaps more important is how much fun she is having with it. "(And I've rarely had a hard time with accents)". What she learned from her binge watching was "how inclusive it is". Can there be any better role model for budding young scientists?