Wife Says Interpol Officer Sent Knife Image as Danger Signal

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Meng Hongwei, the first Chinese president of Interpol, was last heard from on September 25 as he left Lyon for China.

The revelations came as Meng Hongwei's wife voiced concern for his life after receiving a final text message from his phone with a knife emoji.

On Sunday, after Meng's detention was confirmed, Interpol then announced that he had resigned from his post effective immediately. It did not say why.

CNN reported earlier Sunday that the way Meng went missing was, in fact, pretty common when senior officials of China's ruling Communist Party are accused of violating its rules.

On Saturday, Interpol requested clarification from China's authorities on Meng's status as he had been missing since he left Lyon for China on September 29.

A statement on the website of China's National Supervisory Commission said Meng Hongwei "is now under investigation on suspicion of violating the law".

Meng is China's vice minister of public security as well as president of the International Criminal Police Organization, best known as Interpol.

China has said the missing president of Interpol is under investigation for unspecified violations of Chinese law.

Amid reports of missing Interpol president Meng Wonghei being detained in China, the worldwide police organisation announced on Sunday that it has received the resignation of its Chinese chief Meng Hongwei.

Meng's case follows another major disappearance in China of actress Fan Bingbing, who was out of the public eye for months until it was revealed last week that she had been under investigation by tax authorities.

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Interpol has said it is concerned about his apparent disappearance and has made inquiries with China.

The wife of the missing president of Interpol said Sunday her husband sent her an image of a knife before he disappeared during a trip to China, a symbol she took as his way of telling her he was in danger.

Meng, 64, had lived with his wife and two children in France since being elected Interpol president in 2016 for four years.

It was unclear how Meng, the first Chinese national to lead Interpol, could have fallen foul of the Chinese authorities.

Grace Meng covered her face during the news conference because she feared for her safety, the Associated Press reported.

The appeal by Meng's wife for justice and fairness echoed pleas from the families of scores of people who fell afoul of the Chinese Communist Party under President Xi Jinping's rule.

Mrs Meng would not speculate on what might have happened to her husband.

Meng oversees the agency's executive committee, which sets overall strategy.

After China admitted it had Meng in custody, the paper quoted Beijing-based political commentator Zhang Lifan, who said: "I guess something urgent must have happened".