Musk Ridicules SEC in Tweet Storm Days After Settling Suit

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The company also has to implement procedures and controls to oversee Musk's communications - including his tweets - and hire a securities counsel.

The rapid growth, as well as the proven relative stability of the stock, shows that investors trust Tesla and its future.

A 1:16 p.m. California time, Mr. Musk's Twitter account tweeted, "Just want to [sic] that the Shortseller Enrichment Commission is doing incredible work".

Also in the mix, Musk said early Friday morning on Twitter that Tesla is releasing the ninth version of Autopilot, Tesla's automated driver assistance system, but that it is holding back the release of a widely anticipated feature that would have given the system a considerably greater degree of control over the vehicle, allowing the system to guide the auto on and off the highway.

On Sept. 7, a day after the Rogan interview, Cramer said Musk's marijuana "stunt" was ill-advised and cast serious doubts on his ability to run Tesla. Rather wisely, the SEC declined to comment on the tweets.

Barclays analyst Brian Johnson argued in a recent note that Tesla's stock has a $130 "Musk premium", which could disappear if he is forced to leave the company.

His extraordinary slap at federal regulators comes as U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan in Manhattan said on Thursday that Musk and the SEC would have one week to justify their settlement to resolve securities fraud charges against the CEO.

The SEC, whose @SEC_News Twitter handle has about 251,000 followers to Musk's more than 22.8 million, is also active on the messaging service but has refrained from posting about Musk or Tesla since last weekend's settlement.

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On Thursday, the federal judge responsible for green-lighting the settlement asked the SEC and Musk to provide a joint statement explaining why the deal should be approved.

The website description says they want to help Musk with this "preposterous" SEC filing against him. His claim that he'd secured funding to take Tesla private was an "obvious and stupid" fraud.

The stock market did not seem thrilled about Musk's latest tweet today. A judge has yet to approve the settlement.

But the deal could affect Tesla, Angotti said.

While some investors then came forward and confirmed that meetings had taken place in which Musk had raised the possibility of taking Tesla private, the message also caught the attention of SEC, which demanded an explanation.

Tesla's board has already been under fire for being too deferential to Musk.

As part of Musk's settlement with the SEC, Tesla is supposed to monitor its CEO's Twitter posts, but only those that have to do with company news.