British PM Theresa May kicks off keynote speech with ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'

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Echoing her famed moves in Cape Town this summer, she grooved onto the stage to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" as her front bench laughed and applauded.

May shuffled on stage to give her keynote conference speech, seemingly giving a self-referential nod to the backlash she's received for her dancing with some equally bad moves and a tongue-in-cheek choice of song.

The Prime Minister opted for a more lively entrance as she danced her way onto stage at the Tory Party conference.

May as she walked out on stage today dancing to ABBA. I know, so meta. Her uncomfortable attempts to get foot-loose and boogie with young students in South Africa and then again in Kenya drew a wave of ridicule from internet users.

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Awkwardly pumping her arms in the air and spinning around, the British prime minister took a moment to poke fun at herself before starting her speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

Someone else commented: "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!"

She said: 'You do have to excuse me if I do cough during the speech.

But what has undoubtedly gathered the most attention of late is her dance moves.