Parents urged to consent to flu vaccines for kids

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Approximately 70% of those hospitalizations and 90% of the deaths occurred in adults aged 65 or more years.

"The flu is deadly".

The flu season past year was one of the deadliest in at least four decades. Workers in settings where employers had no vaccination requirements were more likely to get flu shots when they were offered at their work site, offered at no or low cost, or actively promoted.

The new analysis found large regional variations in children's flu vaccine coverage, from a low of 43.2% in Wyoming to a high of 76.2% in Rhode Island.

That's the urgent message from federal health officials this morning. This number is thought to be underestimated, as not all flu-related deaths are reported. "The flu vaccine protects those who receive it as well as those in the community who can not be vaccinated due to medical conditions". "Since that time, I have had my flu shot every year". For example, infants do not qualify for a flu shot until they turn 6 months of age. "By getting vaccinated against flu and pneumococcal disease, we can all do our part to stay healthy and interrupt the spread of these serious diseases".

"Since children can't make the decision to get vaccinated themselves, it's up to parents and health care providers to make it happen", said Kris Ehresmann, MDH's director of infectious disease, in a statement released by the agency on Thursday.

How Effective Was the Flu Vaccine in the 2017-2018 Season?

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"One hundred and eighty families put a child in the grave previous year because of a vaccine-preventable infection", Dr. Swanson added.

The experts gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday urged people to get vaccinated by the end of October.

The timing and severity of the flu season varies each year, depending on the strains that circulate.

The vaccine strain alters year to year to ensure it protects against each season's unique disease, he said, and this year's version has two changes that should help reduce the morbidity and mortality rates of the flu.

Flu can lead to permanent disability in older people.

The number of deaths last winter is higher than any flu season going back to 1976-1977, before which there is not easily available data, according to the AP.

Contrary to popular belief, the flu vaccine cannot cause the flu. These symptoms are much less severe than a flu infection and last just one to two days, compared with one to two weeks of the flu's typical duration. Rarely, people who receive the flu shot experience muscle pain, a slight fever, and feelings of weakness or discomfort.