Russian Federation to supply S-300 missile defence systems to Syria

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On September 17, a Russian Il-20 plane was hit by a Syrian S-200 air defence missile when it was landing following strikes by Israeli F-16 planes of western Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's office explicitly linked the Russian decision to supply the weapons to the air crash: "President Putin held Israel responsible for bring down the plane and informed President Assad that Russia will develop Syria's air defence systems", the Syrian presidency said.

Also, he said that Russia would equip Syrian air defense command posts with automated control systems, previously supplied only to the Russian armed forces. Moreover, the Israelis misinformed the Russians about the location of their targets. The military's reconnaissance Il-20 was shot down by the Syrian government missile defense systems responding to an Israeli airstrike.

However, the radar data shows the Israeli jet fighters had continued to patrol the area off the Syrian coast following the incident, Konashenkov said.

"Today's data does not just suggest but prove that the blame for the tragic [downing] of the Russian Il-20 airplane lies entirely with the Israeli Air Force", the major general told journalists.

Israel is still expressing its "deep regret" over the loss of the crew of the Russian plane that was shot down last week by Syria during the IAF air strike over Latakia and its condolences to the families of the air crew in Russia and the Russian people as a whole.

The Russian government tried to deliver the same system to Assad in April but backtracked after an outcry by Israel and other countries involved in the Syrian war.

"I think that Israel, which is accustomed to carrying out many attacks under different pretexts, will have to think carefully about attacking Syria again", Meqdad said.

Russia says ‘misled’ by Israel in plane downing over Syria
In defiance of Israel, Russia set to give advanced missile systems to Syrian regime

Russian Federation launched its campaign in Syria to support President Bashar Assad in 2015, and though the involvement turned the tide of war in favour of Syrian government forces, Moscow has since tried to play a careful balancing act, maintaining good ties both with Iran and Israel.

Then there's the Russian claim the Israelis gave an advance warning only one minute before the actual strike.

"The S-300 systems Russian Federation plans to supply to Syria will feature a compromise solution", said Sokov.

He said Moscow had refrained from providing Syria the S-300 in the past, obliging Israel's repeated requests. But now Russian Federation holds Israel responsible for the downing of the plane.

Bolton added that at least some of the 2,000 US troops in Syria will remain until Iran leaves, expanding the rationale for the American deployment which has the blessing of the a means of defeating ISIS.

Channel 2 did not provide details as to Netanyahu's proposed "diplomatic initiative", but said the prime minister hoped to return from NY "with a guarantee that the Israeli Air Force would have the freedom to operate in Syrian airspace".

Is Russia taking over Syria's air defences?

Then, after a Russian investigation called Israel's actions "criminal" Putin apparently chose to clip the Israeli wings by allowing S-300s to be deployed, a decision that severely complicates Israel's ability to maneuver in the Syrian skies and continue its policy of relentless attacks against incoming weapons before they can reach Iranian proxy Hizbullah in Lebanon.

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