Kavanaugh’s "Renate Alumni" Yearbook References From Georgetown Prep Are Being Scrutinized

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Renate Schroeder Dolphin, who was one of 65 women who signed a letter attesting to Kavanaugh's respectful behavior toward women, wasn't aware of the suggestive references to her in the yearbook until now, and she isn't happy.

Renate Dolphin, who attended an all-girls high school near Georgetown Preparatory School, the all-boys high school Kavanaugh attended in North Bethesda, Maryland, has just learned of multiple "Renate Alumnius" references in Kavanaugh's senior yearbook. Two of Kavanaugh's classmates say the mentions of Renate were part of the football players' unsubstantiated boasting about their conquests.

Embattled U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was dealt a fresh blow after a woman who initially backed him withdrew her support. But his yearbook tells a different story.

In the latest report detailing his high school years, The New York Times revealed that Brett Kavanaugh's "Renate Alumni" yearbook references might be about a real woman - and she's not amused.

Here's what that opening statement said in that respect: "One thing in particular we were sad about, one of our good-one of our good female friends who we would admire and went to dances with had her name used on on the yearbook page with the term alumnus". I don't know what "Renate Alumnus" actually means, ' Dolphin said in a statement to the New York Times. I can't begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is frightful, hurtful and simply untrue. "But what I know is I've never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or at any time in my life".

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'Judge Kavanaugh, do not delay the inevitable. Dolphin, however, says she thinks "Brett must have me confused with someone else, because I never kissed him". I guess a lot of people are figuring out Kavanaugh wasn't almost as "respectful" towards women as they were led to believe. She should be offended.

Why this matters: if it turns out that Kavanaugh is not telling the truth about comparatively little things, that could undercut the credibility of his denials about the bigger things. Kavanaugh and the White House, meanwhile, have resisted asking the FBI to open an investigation, instead dismissing the allegations as "smears".

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Alexandra Walsh, a lawyer for Kavanaugh, told the Times in a statement earlier this week that the judge and Dolphin attended one school event together. Judge has said he does not remember the party and never saw Kavanaugh behave like that.

"Beach Week" was an annual Maryland prep school trip to DE that often involved heavy drinking, according to the Washington Post. "Judge wrote about the pledge he and his friends. made to drink 100 kegs of beer before graduation".