3rd woman comes forward with sexual misconduct allegation linked to Kavanaugh

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Avenatti first revealed he'd had a client making such claims after The New Yorker published its story on Ramirez Sunday night.

The appellate court judge's written statement came a short time after attorney Michael Avenatti identified Julie Swetnick as the third of Kavanaugh's accusers.

Swetnick does not say Kavanaugh participated in the alleged rape or what, if any, role he played, nor does she say where the alleged episode took place. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) what she most remembers from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's alleged sexual assault, Prof. He described one of the people as a victim and the others as witnesses.

He called allegations by three women that he acted inappropriately as a young man a "last-minute smear campaign".

Swetnick's declaration also mentions Mark Judge, a friend of Kavanaugh's from high school who has been drawn into the controversy. Christine Blasey Ford claims the nominee pinned her to a bed and attempted to rape her at a house party in Chevy Chase, Maryland in the early 1980s-sparking a national scandal and demands that Kavanuagh's confirmation be delayed.

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations. Ford says she eventually escaped.

Swetnick also says Kavanaugh, Judge and others would "spike" the drinks at parties with drugs or alcohol to cause girls to lose their inhibitions "so they could then be "gang raped" in a side room or bedroom by a "train" of numerous boys".

A long-time friend, Keith Koegler, said that in 2016 Ford told her that as a high school student she was sexually assaulted by a boy who became a federal judge in Washington. "I believed her", Leahy added.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Avenatti said, "We demand an immediate FBI investigation into the allegations".

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The allegation comes one day before Kavanaugh is set to testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing along with another accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, who says Kavanaugh held her down and tried to take her clothes off when they were in high school.

While the green and white calendar detailing a summer from Kavanaugh's youth is filled with innocent memories, it now will have a serious use: attempting to prove his innocence against sexual assault allegations lodged against him amid a bid for the Supreme Court.

"The Senate Judiciary Committee's investigators are more than capable of investigating the claims presented by Mr. Avenatti", Davis responded in the release.

- Davis cited as false Avenatti's claim that the committee waited at least two days to get back to him about the allegations.

"I think the Senate, the Republicans could not be nicer than the way they're handling this", he said.

"I also witnessed Brett Kavanaugh behave as a "mean drunk" on many occasions at these parties", Swetnick said.

Kavanaugh, confirmed to the appellate court in 2006, has repeatedly and flatly denied Ford's accusation.

Republicans are eager to move the process along, planning the Judiciary Committee vote for Friday.