Alex Jones Penalized By Twitter

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On Friday, one day after a CNN investigation found that Jones' Twitter accounts appeared to have repeatedly violated the company's rules, Twitter said the accounts belonging to Jones and his fringe media organization InfoWars would remain online.

Twitter said that Jones, whose Infowars shows have been banned by Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Apple and others in recent weeks, had posted a new show which violated the company's rules prohibiting violent threats.

A "false flag operation" is what conspiracy theorists refer to as a staged act of violence to influence public opinion.

If Jones again starts spreading unfounded rumors that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, Dorsey added, Twitter would certainly take action.

While we don't mind Jones being treated by a child, it's also hard to feel like this is anything but the last-ditch effort to get some good publicity as other platforms take a stand against bigotry.

On Tuesday, Twitter followed through on that pledge, suspending Jones' account for a week after he seemingly used Twitter's Periscope livestreaming app to tell viewers to "have their battle rifles" ready and then included a snippet of that clip in a tweet.

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"You think Alex Jones is going to change his behavior based on a timeout?" askedHolt.

Twitter didn't respond to requests for further comment or make Dorsey available for an interview.

Twitter spox confirms to me that the company has limited key functions on Alex Jones' account after determining he violated another one of network's policies.

"We identified this as an issue, it was a mistake, we fixed it within 24 hours", Dorsey said.

Jones - who has won the support of UKIP over his "social media silencing" - has claimed he is being censored by a conspiracy funded by "communist China" to target "nationalists, conservatives, libertarians and Christians". "We don't want any of our policies or enforcement or products to make decisions based on viewpoints and ideologies".