Trump sets goal to create USA military Space Force by 2020

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Thursday's plan, which requires authorization and funding from Congress, would develop forces to defend satellites from attack and other space-related tasks.

Asked about the cost, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters the Pentagon doesn't have a number yet but will when the legislative proposal is finished by the end of the year.

Trump first broached the idea in March, reviving a debate that began nearly 20 years ago about whether the Pentagon's space activities should be moved to a new command. So, before we can "have the Space Force", as Trump put it, the White House will have to convince lawmakers that the USA really needs it. Rep. Mike Rogers, an Alabama Republican, and Jim Cooper, a Democrat from Tennessee, said in a joint statement that they had been warning for years about the need to beef up military capabilities in space. Many of these items will require changes to US law.

"There will be no Millennium Falcon, no Jedis or Wookiees we are sad to report", the Fox News host said.

But the calls for a separate military branch have been met with strong reluctance in some parts of the Pentagon amid concerns that it doesn't need the burdens of a new bureaucracy. One person wrote, "Everyone keeps spelling it wrong, not "Space Force" but "Space Balls".

Pence cited new threats the United States faces in space, particularly from Russian Federation and China.

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"President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier", read the email from the Trump campaign.

The Department of Defense is expected to release a report later today "outlining the first stages of our administration's plan to implement the president's guidance and turn his vision into a reality", Pence said.

Trump said last week that he had ordered the Pentagon to begin the process of creating a Space Force as a new branch of the military.

He laid out what the United States perceived as threats from Moscow and Beijing in particular, who are developing new weapons for use in space as well as improving their ability to counter existing systems, such as GPS. "I don't think so".

"History proves that peace only comes through strength, and in the realm of outer space, the United States Space Force will be that strength in the years ahead", the veep said during a speech at the Pentagon. The Air Force in particular might lose key responsibilities. This would be the first new branch since the Air Force was established in 1947 after World War II. In the second phase the Pentagon would combine all the components into the new sixth branch of service. "We are glad that the Pentagon is finally taking these steps in enhancing our space strength".