Clouds hinder Perth’s view of longest blood moon and eclipse

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A rare blood moon lunar eclipse that arrives Friday night won't be visible for most of North America, but that doesn't mean you can't watch it. During a total lunar eclipse, the sun, Earth, and moon are all in ideal alignment.

A combination photo shows the lunar eclipse from a blood moon (top L) back to full moon (bottom right) in the sky over Frankfurt, Germany, July 27, 2018. "The next total lunar eclipse that will last that long will not occur until 2123", he noted. During this rare phenomena, the Moon will turn bright red and it will be visible in India as well. Anyone in Ethiopia will have the best view of the eclipse though, according to NASA.

While this morning's lunar eclipse was long, they can be longer - up to one hour and 47 minutes. The only light reflected from the lunar surface has been refracted by Earth's atmosphere.

CLOUDY skies proved to be the enemy of astronomy buffs and amateur photographers hoping to catch the flawless view of the blood moon lunar eclipse over Perth early yesterday. In metro cities, space enthusiasts may miss out on watching the moon being eclipsed due to pollution.

North America missed out on Friday's lunar eclipse but can look forward to the next one on January 21, 2019, according to NASA. Additionally, Mars and the sun will be on exact opposite sides of the Earth and will shine its best.

The blood moon from Terry Hills, New South Wales. This happens only when the sun, Earth and moon are aligned, with Earth in the middle.

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Brandon Ochieng, ' a university student told Sunday Standard that he had anticipated the earth to turn crimson red, skies to change hue, or the sun to collide with the moon in a scientic yet surreal way.

In Italy, the moon was spotted rising over the church of San Giuseppe Falegname while a shining orb was visible above the Chambered Castle in France. At what time of day the lunar eclipse appeared depended on where you live.

He said when he arrived at Kings Park he could "barely see the Moon".

At the same time, Mars will be travelling closer to earth than it has been since 2003, so some observers may be able to see what looks like an orange-red star - and is in fact the red planet. "It is also moving slower than average because it is at its farthest point from the Earth in its elliptical orbit", NASA added in a statement online.

As it rose, during this total eclipse, Earth's natural satellite turned a striking shade of red or ruddy brown.