Ontario Woman Drives Stolen Vehicle for 2 Weeks Thinking It's a Rental

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The man whose auto was stolen found the entire thing hilarious, and gave a healthy "chuckle" when his vehicle was returned to him. The manager of the auto rental agency then realized what happened as the man whose vehicle had been stolen had come into the same Enterprise to rent a replacement.

According to Cornwall police, after renting the vehicle, the woman drove to a local Walmart where she did some grocery shopping.

The first clue something was wrong came when she went to return the vehicle to the rental agency.

A woman was in need of a vehicle and rented a black Nissan Sentra from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car center in Cornwall.

After asking the woman where she went after leaving the vehicle rental two weeks before, the woman explained what happened and together the pair returned to the scene of the crime - to the Walmart parking lot where the Nissan she had rented was still parked.

A woman in Cornwall, Ontario, rented a auto, did some grocery shopping, and left the store - leaving the parking lot driving another person's vehicle.

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A CANADIAN woman "stole" a complete stranger's vehicle following an nearly unbelievable carpark stuff-up. Both vehicles had keyless starters, and the owner of the QX50, an elderly man, had apparently left his own in the auto.

The Infiniti's owner reported his SUV stolen and not long after showed up to the same Enterprise to rent a loaner to replace it temporarily. Each vehicle was returned to its rightful owner.

Ontario Constable Tommy MacKay says the woman made the mistake shortly after picking up her rental, a Nissan Sentra and driving just down the road to a local Wal Mart.

"She was upset because the ashtray was dirty, there were papers in the glove box, and there were golf clubs in the back". Police say she caused confusion when she tried to drop of an Infiniti - not the Nissan she originally rented.

MacKay said the woman was embarrassed over the mistake. They even tried to explain that the model she was trying to return wasn't on file but she apparently did not want to hear it.

A Cornwall woman will not face any charges after accidentally stealing a vehicle for two weeks. After they realized what had happened, the first thing they did was call the police.