US soldier killed in Afghan ‘insider attack’

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The term "insider attack" refers to attacks carried out against USA military personnel by the Afghan troops they are training or advising.

Pompeo said an element of the progress is the capacity that they now have to believe that there is hope that numerous Taliban now see that they can't win on the ground militarily.

The insurgent group asserted the ongoing conflict is not an "inter-afghan battle or battle among Muslims", blaming the 2001 US -led invasion of Afghanistan for starting it.

"The strategy has sent a clear message to the Taliban - they can not wait us out - and we are beginning to see the results both on the battlefield where the Taliban's momentum is slowing and in the prospects for peace with them", Pompeo said.

Insider attacks are commonly referred to as "green on blue" attacks.

The Afghan government expects the gathering to term the Taliban insurgency and use of suicide attacks in Afghanistan as unlawful, as similar meetings have recently in Kabul and in Jakarta.

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A United States service member was killed and two others were injured in an insider attack in Afghanistan, informed the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)-led coalition's Resolute Support mission. Two other Americans were wounded in the attack.

"We're counting on all the actors in the region to be supportive". It was claimed by the Taliban.

"The Afghan Mujahid nation does not expect authorities of Saudi Arabia and scholars to side with American invaders in this fight between Islam and disbelievers", the Taliban said in a statement.

"The high-level talks this time brought us in a unsafe situation where we may be shaken in our unshakable will for denuclearization, rather than consolidating trust between the DPRK and the USA", a North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency on Saturday.

The success of this operation could put the Trump administration in a position to signal that one of its vital objectives in Afghanistan has been met, namely smashing the Islamic State. "We also discussed the Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process and the successful ceasefire", said Ghani.