Democrats vow to fight against President Trump’s pick for Supreme Court

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Minutes after President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Alabama's Democratic senator took a wait-and-see approach. While Trump was reportedly already interested in Kavanaugh before that discussion with Kennedy, the retiring jurist's recommendation helped seal the deal.

Kavanaugh, whom Trump announced as his second nominee to the nation's highest court on Monday, has sat on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006.

Kavanaugh, a conservative appeals court judge, did not respond to questions.

Susan Collins said Tuesday that President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has an impressive background for the job. Drawing on his experience working on the Clinton investigation and then in the Bush White House, he wrote in a 2009 law review article that he favored exempting presidents from facing both civil suits and criminal investigations, including indictment, while in office.

So I propose that the Democrats offer the following compromise: Each Senate Democrat will pledge either to vote yes for Kavanaugh's confirmation - or, if voting no, to first publicly name at least two clearly better candidates whom a Republican president might realistically have nominated instead (not an easy task).

Republicans will target three Democrats facing re-election in conservative states where Trump won big majorities in the 2016 election - Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of in - to support Kavanaugh.

On abortion, Kavanaugh voted in October to delay an abortion for a teenage immigrant who was in government custody.

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, said: "If confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh will have the chance to codify President Trump and Vice President Pence's risky anti-LGBTQ record and the agenda of anti-LGBTQ groups into law for decades to come".

"Just as they held the Merrick Garland seat open on the Supreme Court, they also held open an very bad lot of vacancies on the district courts and the courts of appeal", said Russell Wheeler, who tracks judicial nominations at the Brookings Institution. "And just like Justice Gorsuch, he excelled as a clerk for Justice Kennedy".

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That is one reason many Democrats are demanding an all-out battle to block Trump's nominee.

If confirmed, the appellate judge would become the second young conservative jurist Trump has put on the top U.S. court during his first term. "I am deeply honored to be nominated to fill his seat on the Supreme Court".

Conservative supporters say Kavanaugh is an originalist and not necessarily pro-business - a judge who is likely to restrain government agencies from interpreting the law too broadly and imposing far-reaching regulations. He is being accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence and former Sen. "Your address to Congress was magnificent", Gorsuch wrote to Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported in December, basing its account in interviews with 11 sources. Jon Kyl, his guide for the confirmation process.

If Republicans lose the Senate, they would still have control of the chamber until January. "Why won't she rule out voting for Trump's anti-choice picks?" both ads ask.

Former New Hampshire Sen.

Schumer urged voters to mobilize against Kavanaugh's nomination.

The Democratic senator is up for re-election this year in a state Trump won in 2016.

Conservative Christians have long vied to overturn that decision, and Mr Trump has previously said he wants "pro-life" justices opposed to abortion rights.