Elon Musk offers engineers to help with Thailand cave rescue

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Elon Musk is coming to the rescue. "Training unnecessary & less susceptible to panic attack".

According to one of Musk's tweets, he says that based on the feedback that he's gotten, he thinks that a kid-sized submarine using liquid oxygen could be how they will be able to extract the boys from the cave.

When a user asked him if the submarine could feature an mp3 player to reduce stress, Mr Musk responded positively. "Less likely to work, given tricky contours, but great if it does", he added.

Short sellers had lost $1.1 billion this year through early June after Musk said Model 3 production was on track to hit its target of 5,000 a week. Cave diving is widely regarded as treacherous and the stranded group has little swimming ability, let alone any diving know-how.

Officials have also contemplated supplying the boys and their coach with food, water and oxygen to stay in the cave potentially for months until the monsoon ends and waters recede.

The Thai navy SEALs, who have been spearheading the rescue effort for the 12 boys and their soccer coach, have posted a photo on their Facebook page with a vow to bring the trapped team home from a flooded cave. As more heavy rains are expected throughout the next few days, many have been trying to get creative with ways of helping.

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A spokesman for The Boring Company, which Musk founded in 2016 said: 'We are speaking with the Thai government to see how we can help, and we are sending SpaceX/Boring Company people from the U.S. to Thailand today to offer support on the ground. "We're all healthy and strong".

Chaiyaporn said he would prefer to see the floodwater subside to a much lower level to enable the boys to get out safely, but that chance was relatively low as the rainy season has only started. "We want to go straight home", they wrote.

The boys became trapped in the cave two weeks ago after water rose and cut them off.

Conditions are "perfect" to stage an evacuation in the coming days before fresh rains and a possible rise in carbon dioxide further imperil the group, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn said.

Rescuers have to dive through flooded tunnels for six hours to reach the team and it takes another five hours to return to the entrance, CNN reported.

Former Thai Navy SEAL Samarn Kunan died trying to get oxygen to the group, which just how unsafe getting them out would be.