Trump's Top 5 for Supreme Court

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On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy caused seismic waves in the United States political system when he announced plans to retire.

There are so far five names that stand out as front-runners - 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett; 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Hardiman, who was the runner-up to Neil Gorsuch on the president's first Supreme Court pick; D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh; and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals' Judges Raymond Kethledge and Amul Thapar.

The short list includes two women, he said. The future of Kennedy's seat has been a moment abortion rights opponents and supporters alike have been anticipating for years because Kennedy historically sided with the liberals on the court in favor of protecting abortion rights.

Trump told Fox News he probably won't ask the potential nominees whether they would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Asked about Mr. Lee, the president said, "He said he'd like the job".

If, as President Trump has repeatedly pledged, he nominates an anti-choice justice who is confirmed by the Senate, there are already cases in the pipeline that could give the supreme court an opportunity to severely limit women's access to abortion, either by overturning Roe v Wade or hollowing out its protections.

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"The left is going to try very hard to say this is all about overturning Roe", Moore told the AP, before adding: "There is a high level of confidence within the community that overturning Roe is actually, finally possible". Trump invited all five to the White House for a private meeting the day after Kennedy announced his retirement. Trump welcomed Republicans Chuck Grassley, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Democrats Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp as part of the effort.

White House Counsel Don McGahn will be Trump's lead adviser on the pick, having successfully guided the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch through the selection and confirmation process a year ago, White House sources said. When it comes to the Supreme Court fight, that list is quickly culled to just three for one reason: they are the only Democrats who voted to confirm Gorsuch in 2017 - Indiana Sen.

Kennedy's announcement spurred excitement among conservatives over the possibility of replacing the justice with a younger and more conservative nominee that could serve on the court for decades.

Despite Trump's struggles with Christian values in his personal life at times, skeptical evangelical Christians lined up behind him in the 2016 election, and they remain one of his most loyal constituencies.

"I think sometimes we talk about Supreme Court too much in abstractions, about dignity and who is qualified and who is not". "We're hoping there will be some Democratic support", he said, "We're not assuming this is just going to be a straight party-line vote".