’Fortnite’ Rocket Blasts Off & Cracks the Battle Royale Sky

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If you've been keeping track of Fortnite in recent months, you know that Epic Games likes to keep the game fresh by permanently altering the map with massive, explosive events. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to assume that after pelting the map with meteorites last season, Epic will launch a rocket into the stratosphere this time around. Easter eggs are always a cause for discussion amongst the community, and today's Fortnite rocket launch has been anticipated for quite some time.

Just in-match an at the rocket at the correct time or you'll miss the one-time event.

Originally, Epic planned to bring the game mode back sometime on June 28, which was yesterday, but Thursday came and went without any relaunch. "It only happens once!"

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Fortnite has ditched the Final Fight rules variant for larger team battles and gone back to 50v50. As explained in the message, this event only happens once, so ensure that you've loaded into the game by then. The Rocket launch event and its results are live now on all platforms. Essentially serving as the game's practice arena, "Playground" would be a limited-time sandbox-style mode that allows players to take a break from the fast-paced battle-royale formula by roaming through the island with up to three of their friends, without any opponents to shoot at or hide from.

The liftoff of the Snobby Shores Rocket essentially begins the plotline of Fortnite Season 5, which is expected to begin July 12 at 4 a.m. EDT. Players are speculating the destruction of different areas of the map, while others expect the rocket to launch successfully and soar onwards to space.